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Believe it or not, but St Bridgets Farmhouse is not an old build at all, but a thoroughly new and modern house, that took 3 years to build and was completed in 2018.

It was always our aim to have a house that looked like it was one of the many older buildings in the area, yet was built to the highest specifications. Much of the building’s materials were reclaimed and had to be incorporated into modern day building regulations, as can be seen on closer inspection of the interior and exterior.

Particular attention has been paid to the detailing of the house, to give it both character and interest… you will find stone spiral staircases that are carved directly into walls, miniature ‘secret’ doorways that lead to, well, who knows where. And every room is decorated with beautiful art that we have collected over the years.

The house is situated on what was once the Vicar’s field where he used to keep his horse and grow vegetables. The old stone shed on the right as you come up the drive, was the old Parish Stable to keep the Vicar’s horse and we still use the vegetable garden to this day.

We are lucky that our location is highly sought after and in recent years the field around the house has been used for carnivals, weddings and more recently, film locations.


We have lived in St Brides Major for over 50 years and completed the build of the farmhouse in 2018, which was a labour of love for both of us.

We both have strong connections to the area; Chris was educated in St Brides Major Primary School and later at Llandovery College, and has run a landscape maintenance business for over 30 years. More recently he has helped run the family agricultural business. He plays an active part on the Local Commoners Association and has an excellent knowledge of local history and landmarks and walks.

Julie was born in St Brides Major, aswell as being educated in the local school. She has run a very successful riding school on the family land for the past 25 years and because of her family connections with the village, she has a very sound local knowledge. She maintains very high standards in whatever she does.

The building of the Farmhouse has been a complete change of direction for us both, but we have put our heart and soul into this house, and just know that you will end up loving it as much as we do.

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